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Agulha Transeptal BRK

Designed to Prevent Excessive Needle Advancement During EP Procedures*

BRK™ Transseptal Needles are used to create a puncture in the interatrial septum to allow the passing of an introducer and/or catheter through the septum from the right side of the heart to access the left side. They are available in a variety of sizes and curves and are designed to be used with our line of fixed and steerable guiding introducers for transseptal access. Additional features include:

Curve Options

Available in three curves to allow for different anatomies and puncture techniques

Two adult curves (BRK and BRK-1) and two pediatric (BRK and BRK-2)

Variety of Lengths

  • Available in four usable lengths – three adult (71, 89, 98 cm) and one pediatric (56 cm)
  • The 98 cm needle is designed for use with St. Jude Medical Agilis NxT™ steerable introducer

Pointer Arrow

Ponteiro da agulha transeptal
  • Reference guide for physician to know the direction of the needle's curve while in the patient's body
  • Provides surface for physician to hold the needle for more handling control


Ponteiro da agulha transeptal
  • Allows for ease of flush preparation prior to use and the injection of contrast media during the procedure


  • Designed to stop the needle from advancing too far (approximately 3 mm) beyond the introducer tip
  • Has a matching feature on St. Jude Medical Swartz™ SL introducer series dilators which are made to accept a BRK needle


  • Thin wire that helps keep the lumen intact during handling and helps with the insertion of the needle into the introducer
  • End of stylet has a curl that clips into the leur-lock fitting on the proximal end of the needle
Agulha Transeptal Tamanhos

The BRK XS Transseptal Needle features a steeper primary bevel angle and two back bevels that combine to form a distinct point on the tip of the needle. As a result, it requires less puncture force to penetrate the fossa ovalis and can accommodate variances in difficult anatomies.

Agulha Transeptal


Reorder Number Curve Type Size Needle Usable Length (cm)
407200 BRK™ Adult, 18ga. 71
407201 BRK-1™ Adult, 18ga. 71
407205 BRK™ Adult, 18ga. 89
G407215 BRK-1™ Adult, 18ga. 89
407206 BRK™ Adult, 18ga. 98
407207 BRK-1™ Adult, 18ga. 98

The above texts were taken from the manufacturer St. Jude Medical website. Product Price: On request.

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