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Controlled Deployment for Confident Closure

Angio Seal Evolution. Sutura, Âncora bioabsorvível e colágeno.

Angio-Seal Evolution features a standardized deployment system that is designed to assist in overcoming many procedural variables and deliver a virtually instantaneous seal of the arteriotomy. It may also support increased confidence in the number of cases where the use of a mechanical seal is possible. The Angio-Seal ™ Evolution ™, which is the eighth generation of the recognized platform for vascular closure devices, includes improvements designed to increase the reliability and ease of use.

Angio-Seal Evolution features the fully bioabsorbable Active Closure System with an innovative intra-arterial anchor, suture and collagen seal. Designed to hold the system in place, the Active Closure System provides rapid, safe and reliable hemostasis.

Standardized implant

The automated implant provides greater control over the entire process, which can reduce the variability of procedures and meet the requirements of a larger number of cases.

Immediate compression

Controlled implant starts immediately with a homogeneous compaction of collagen, which lets you control the arteriotomy and thus form a perfect seal.

Compressive strength sealing

Angio Seal Evolution. Força compressiva de selamento.

The compressive sealing force is predetermined force which exists between the anchor and the collagen arteriotomy when is finalized the implant Angio-Seal device. All forces measured are less than 454g. Tests show consistency in the internal compressive force to the sealing device Angio-Seal Evolution compared to the variability observed in previous platforms


Step by Step:

  • 1. Locate the Artery
  • 2. Set the Anchor
  • 3. Seal the Puncture
  • 4. Release the Suture

1. Locate the Artery

Exchange procedure sheath with Angio-Seal Locator System.

  • 1. Blood flow through the locator confirms sheath has entered the artery.
  • 2. Confirm proper location by withdrawing and reinserting the Angio-Seal locator system until blood flow resumes and then STOP.
  • 3. Remove locator and wire, leaving the sheath in place.

Angio Seal Evolution - Localize a Artéria.

2. Set the Anchor

  • 1. Carefully grasp the Angio-Seal device just behind the Bypass Tube and slowly insert into the sheath until you hear a click.
  • 2. Maintain a grip on the Sheath Hub, grasp Device Handle, and gently pull back until you hear another click.

Angio Seal Evolution - Prepare a Âncora

3. Seal the Puncture

  • 1. Provide support to the puncture site with two fingers.
  • 2. Gently pull back on the Angio-Seal Device Handle along the angle of the puncture tract.
  • 3. Continue to pull back until hemostasis is achieved. As a guide, the colored compaction marker will be revealed.

Angio Seal Evolution - Sele a Punção

4. Release the Suture

  • 1. Release and hold down the Suture Release Button.
  • 2. Gently pull back on the device handle until the suture is exposed.
  • 3. With tension on the suture, cut the suture below skin level.

Angio Seal Evolution - Libere a Sutura


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Advantages of Angio seal on manual compression

Quick and Effective Hemostasis: Immediate and wide compaction coverage through the arteriotomy collagen promotes hemostasis almost instantaneous. Study 4

More Patient Satisfaction: Patients reported significantly less discomfort during and after vascular locks with the Angio-Seal device. Study 5

Clinical Efficiency and Turnover: Early ambulation and hospital discharge can significantly improve the overall cost-effectiveness and turnover in the halls of vascular procedures. Study 6

Low probabilities of Complications: Studies have shown that the Angio-Seal device can reduce the risk of complications at the access site in both procedures: diagnostic and interventional. Study 8, Study 9

Advantages of angio seal on other mechanical closure devices

Quick Wandering: The placement of an anchor with the closing of collagen provides reliable hemostasis and promotes rapid patient ambulation. Study 3

Easy Implant: Held with one hand, standardized implant reduces the risk of variability between different procedures.

Sealing Insurance: immediate sealing of the artery can be performed safely without increasing vascular complications. Study 7

Proven: more than 325 studies have shown that the Angio-Seal is a safe and effective device in a wide range of patients and procedures. Study 1, Study 2

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Instructions for use

Please read the product manual for a complete description of Indications, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, Adverse Events and Potential Instructions for Use.


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